Nov 192014
New! The Earth Disc (Disc of Life)

Just in time for Christmas shopping with a difference we have a new product from the Esogetics – The Earth Disc or Disc of Life. After the Dream Disc (Disc of Light) and the Heart Disc (Disc of Love) Peter Mandel has now developed the Earth Disc (Disc of Life).

The Earth Disc (Disc of Life)
The concept of this disc is based on sacred geometry and its associated “Flower of Life”. If we want to tune into the vibrations of higher worlds, we need media that enable us to do so. The [...]

Apr 082014
Kirlian Photography training Part 1: May 2014

Kirlian Photography (Energy Emission Analysis, EEA) training course will take place on the 16-19th of May 2014. The last day for applications for this training is 11th of April. Our next Kirlian Photography course is planned for 2017.
No previous experience in Colourpuncture is required. Kirlian Photography training is well suited for any natural holistic health therapists as well as Colourpuncture graduates.
Please contact us asap on [email protected] if you would like to join this training.

Mar 012014

Colourpuncture light therapy provides an effective pain relief according to a recent research. An IR (Infra-Red) Colourpuncture with a Perlux IR-950 Infra-Red Set was used in this new research into Colourpuncture confirming earlier empirical results in Peter Mandel’s  clinic based on hundreds of patients.
Apart from significantly reduced pain intensity, research subjects needed fewer pain-killers across all levels generally used: non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, weak opioid drugs and opioid drugs. An increased quality of life and general well-being was reported as a side-effect of IR (Infra-Red) Colourpuncture pain therapy.

Jan 172014

Colourpuncture Update seminar with Peter Mandel will take place on the 22-23rd of February 2014 in Karlsruhe, Germany.
The seminar will focus on background of the disease and the following topics will be presented:

Central Reflex Zones
Assessment and Crystal therapy
the 12 aspects in regards to certain states of disease
the I Ching and the genetic code

Please contact us asap at [email protected] if you would like to participate in 2014 Update seminar.

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Dec 172013
Professional Colourpuncture Intensive training course in January 2014

Professional Colourpuncture Intensive training course, Part 1 will take place from the 2/01/14 to the 15th/01/14 (12 training days in total) in Stockport, UK. Colourpuncture models are also invited to a Colourpuncture teaching clinic during this course.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like to join this training as a student or come as a Colourpuncture model.

Dec 102013
Christmas present ideas 2013: I Ching book

The Playful I Ching
The tradition of the I Ching – “The Book of Change” – belongs to the spiritual inheritance of humanity. In this time of worldwide paradigm shift it has become more important than ever to recall and reconnect to an ‘in-built’ power of intuition that every human being possesses.

In his book “The Playful I Ching” Peter Mandel enters a completely new territory. He combines the ancient I Ching oracle with zones on the skin, which he has described in exact detail. Each of [...]

Nov 082013
Black Crystal Activator

Black Crystal Activator, a new product by the Esogetics GmbH which has been manufactured specifically according to Peter Mandel’s design is now available.
Peter Mandel calls Black Crystal Activator the “activator of the inner light”. Black Crystal Activator activates the ‘inner light’ in the cells and thus influences the blocked transfer of light from the inside towards the outside. New Black Crystal Activator comes with an extensive user’s manual.

Article No. 1630
Price: 595,00 €

Order your new Black Crystal Activator now!

Sep 062013

Training courses: New Professional Colourpuncture training course according to Peter Mandel,  24-days long and fully up-to-date will start in October 2013:
Colourpuncture products: Crystal Activator is now available 
Colourpuncture clinic: Prepare for winter with Colourpuncture
Work with us: Join Bronze membership an Affiliate Program from Colourpuncture Institute UK open for everyone
Colourpuncture offers: Register with us for FREE as a trained Colourpuncture therapist

Jun 122013
The Crystal Activator will soon be available again!

The Crystal Activator for Crystal Therapy according to Peter Mandel is going to be available again very soon! More on Crystal Therapy with Crystal Activator…
You can order the Crystal Activator immediately at the following price:

Crystal Activator with Gold Crystal in a box (1600):  650 € (incl. VAT)
Crystal Activator in a box (1610):  595 € (incl. VAT)

The price in British pounds will be calculated on the day of your order. The delivery of the Crystal Activator will most likely take place in July 2013. As there will only [...]

May 272013
Spring 2013 Esogetic Product offer: discount on the 'Textbook of OGT'

‘The Textbook of Ophthalmic Genetic Therapy’ by Peter Mandel is on a limited time offer for 83 euro (SAVE 15%) instead of the regular price of 98 euro!
‘The Textbook of Ophthalmic Genetic Therapy’ or Colourpuncture OGT by Peter Mandel is a very practical, easy to follow even for a complete beginner and richly illustrated book on Colourpuncture. The OGT book is logically consistent, clear with all the therapies organized in a uniform manner for easy daily use at home, in the office and on the road.

The [...]