Jun 242010
Colour Sound therapy for Sleeping disorders

Extraordinary strains, poor nutrition, problems, stress, depression and pain are the most frequent factors that lead to blockages, and thus to sleeping disorders. They prevent us from reaching the “theta/relaxation level” of the brain waves –which is necessary for falling asleep – and from there to the “delta/deep-sleep” level. The sleeping difficulties resulting from this affect the deep-sleep and sleeping behavior and prevent processing during sleep. In this manner, the negative cycle is complete!
Falling asleep is an active occurrence, a conscious turning away from intellectual [...]

Jun 242010
Colour sound therapy for headaches/migraines

Statistics show that every third person suffers from headaches and migraines at irregular intervals, and every tenth person – regularly. Over 180 (!) physical and mental causes for this are known to medicine. Some examples of things that trigger headaches and migraines are: all types of noise, insufficient lighting, continuous work on data processing
systems, certain foods, excitement and stress.
Frequently, low blood pressure, weather sensitivity, sensory overload from external sources, which the brain is unable to process quickly enough, lack of oxygen, and emotional strain, all [...]

Jun 242010
Introducing Esogetic COLOR-SOUND therapy

Because the soul listens as well….
“The right music at the right time is a marvelous medicine for one’s inner harmony.“ The famed Pythagoras, who lived in the 6th century B.C., was not only well-known for his mathematical knowledge; he was also a master of sound therapy. In the Near East, there were already hospitals in the 15th century in which patients were treated with colors and sounds!
We are – even quite often unknowingly – precisely in the mood of listening to the music that contributes [...]

Jun 242010
Crystal tatoos for your health and well-being

Crystal therapy is one of the latest developments in Esogetic Medicine.  Many Esogetic crystals have been designed for easy and effective use by therapists and anyone without any previous therapeutic knowledge.
Discover Crystal-puncture of Esogetics and add beautiful crystal tatooes to your daily natural health self-care collection. Not only do they look as fantastic as do any other crystal tattoos applied to your skin, but they also have numerous health benefits.
Each miniature crystal tattoo is engraved with the Earth Hologram. The set consists of 300 Crystal puncture tattoos, [...]

Jun 082010
Love, light and life

Welcome to Crystal Therapy of Esogetic Medicine and a new addition to the beautiful world of Swarowski crystals! Discover the Set of Love, a brand new healing crystal set of Crystal therapy from Peter Mandel, the founder of Esogetic Medicine, specially designed to enhance affection, kind-heartedness, devotion and love.
Love is a very natural human feeling and is anchored deep within our hearts. It is always there; yet sometimes we can not feel its warmth under habitually building up layers of fear, stress, depression, aggression or simply indecisiveness.
Experience the Set of Love which includes:
Disk of the Heart, „Love“ [...]