Oct 272011
Colourpuncture therapy of Addictions Advanced workshop in December 2011

The first UK Colourpuncture light therapy of Addictions Advanced workshop will take place on the 2nd of  December 2011 in South Manchester.
The workshop will cover a range of Colourpuncture light therapy treatments specifically designed by Peter Mandel to target the issue of addictions from many different angles.  Using Esogetic body therapies it will address a wide range of triggers and, most importantly, roots of addictions, from intergating childhood experiences to clearing ancestral patterns. Soul-spirit and grey Colourpuncture as well as elements of Esogetic Induction therapy will be [...]

Oct 112011
UK Professional Colourpuncture Training Course Module 1: 14-16th of October 2011

Professional Colourpuncture Training Course 2011-2012 in the UK  will start on the 14th of October.

This Professional Training from the International Mandel Institute will give you everything you need to become a Colourpuncture therapist, a qualification which is recognized internationally. After completion of this training you can set up your own Colourpuncture clinic.
This training is also ideal if you would like to help yourself as well as your friends and family going beyond the Basic Colorpuncture Training and learning therapist-level material which will give you a sound [...]