Apr 202012
Colour Reflexology training course May-June 2012

Training course in Esogetic Colour Reflexology according to Peter Mandel will take place on the 12-13th of May (Part 1) and 23-24th of June 2012 (Part 2) in South Manchester. Esogetic Colour Reflexology training can build a good foundation for a newcomer to Colourpuncture, help to expand a therapeutic portfolio for a Reflexology therapist and serve as a CPD for Professional Colourpuncture graduate.
An up-to-date training course in Colour Reflexology includes Colourpuncture in spectral, soul-spirit and grey colours; uses new foundation in elements and provides wealth of treatments and [...]

Apr 182012

Colourpuncture light therapy new short workshops with elements of Crystal therapy for DIY well-being from the International Mandel Institute will soon be available in the UK.
Each workshop will last 3.5-4 hours and will be open for everybody. The following topics will be offered:

‘Managing cold, flu, sinusitis, ear and throat pain’
‘Sleep and dream therapy’
‘Managing acute and chronic back and joints pain’
‘Beauty of skin with light and colour’
‘Overcoming learning and concentration difficulties’
‘Overcoming stomach and digestion problems’
‘Treatments of allergies’
‘Managing mood swings and fatigue’
‘Treatments for eyes problems’
‘My heart’

These workshops will be [...]

Apr 042012
'Boundaries' workshop in Colourpuncture light therapy: 22nd of April 2012

‘Boundaries‘ Colourpuncture light therapy workshop from the International Mandel Institute will take place in the morning of 22nd of April 2012 in Cheshire.
Esogetic Colourpuncture light therapy of ‘Boundaries‘ will help people who encounter the need to establish healthy boundaries due to their professional or personal situation: therapists, teachers, carers, psychologists, etc. ‘Boundaries’ Colourpuncture light therapy workshop is designed for therapists.
Join us to discover how to build and maintain healthy personal boundaries and achieve a balance and authentic relationships in your life.

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