Nov 192014
New! The Earth Disc (Disc of Life)

Just in time for Christmas shopping with a difference we have a new product from the Esogetics – The Earth Disc or Disc of Life. After the Dream Disc (Disc of Light) and the Heart Disc (Disc of Love) Peter Mandel has now developed the Earth Disc (Disc of Life).

The Earth Disc (Disc of Life)
The concept of this disc is based on sacred geometry and its associated “Flower of Life”. If we want to tune into the vibrations of higher worlds, we need media that enable us to do so. The [...]

Dec 102013
Christmas present ideas 2013: I Ching book

The Playful I Ching
The tradition of the I Ching – “The Book of Change” – belongs to the spiritual inheritance of humanity. In this time of worldwide paradigm shift it has become more important than ever to recall and reconnect to an ‘in-built’ power of intuition that every human being possesses.

In his book “The Playful I Ching” Peter Mandel enters a completely new territory. He combines the ancient I Ching oracle with zones on the skin, which he has described in exact detail. Each of [...]

Nov 082013
Black Crystal Activator

Black Crystal Activator, a new product by the Esogetics GmbH which has been manufactured specifically according to Peter Mandel’s design is now available.
Peter Mandel calls Black Crystal Activator the “activator of the inner light”. Black Crystal Activator activates the ‘inner light’ in the cells and thus influences the blocked transfer of light from the inside towards the outside. New Black Crystal Activator comes with an extensive user’s manual.

Article No. 1630
Price: 595,00 €

Order your new Black Crystal Activator now!

Jun 122013
The Crystal Activator will soon be available again!

The Crystal Activator for Crystal Therapy according to Peter Mandel is going to be available again very soon! More on Crystal Therapy with Crystal Activator…
You can order the Crystal Activator immediately at the following price:

Crystal Activator with Gold Crystal in a box (1600):  650 € (incl. VAT)
Crystal Activator in a box (1610):  595 € (incl. VAT)

The price in British pounds will be calculated on the day of your order. The delivery of the Crystal Activator will most likely take place in July 2013. As there will only [...]

Oct 312012
Crystal Meditation Band, a new product from Peter Mandel

Peter Mandel has long discovered that skin application of representations of some ancient symbols trigger deep and intense reactions. He eventually succeeded in transferring four important symbols from the human history into a crystal structure, which then created amazingly beneficial reactions in people.
An effective form of application emerged after years of search and it now became possible to use these symbolic images to simultaneously give a person the “feeling of centeredness” towards the inside and of “opening” towards the above. Peter Mandel has combined these four important ancient symbols with the eight [...]

Aug 312011
New element crystals in soul-spirit and grey colours

Summer might be a holiday time but not for the Esogetics. Thanks for their tireless work new Faceted Element Crystals are now available again and even in new Grey Colours! Now you have a chance to collect them all:
New highest quality 4 element-facetted and 3 grey-facetted crystals from Esogetics manufactured by Swarovski are on the market. After long, intensive tests and research in Peter Mandel’s clinic these new products from the Esogetics are here for you to enjoy.
Light Grey-Medium Grey-Dark Grey
Now is the time to either complete your [...]

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Aug 262011
New Crystal Balls in Soul-Spirit colours

You can now experience all your favorite Crystal Ball Colourpuncture therapies with a full set of new crystal balls in Soul-Spirit colours!
Now you have a chance to own the Light Green Crystal Ball , the most commonly used in Crystal Colourpuncture.
However, due to big demand, crystal balls in all other soul-spirit colours – Light Turquoise, Crimson and Rose will now be manufactured by the Esogetics!
You will have a chance to practice your segment therapy, memory therapy, therapy of reflex areas of the soles of the feet, life [...]

Aug 222011
New glasses for everyday Colour Light Therapy

Discover a new way to enjoy Light and Colour Therapy – with new opti-Colour glasses  from Esogetics!
New VISION-Glasses (7 different glasses – 7 different colours) will effortlessly open your journey into Colour Light Therapy and will allow you to experience different colours on different days depending on your needs, moods and wishes.
Opti-Colour could be used as Therapy-Sunglasses (in 7 different colors) too.
Experience the whole spectrum of colour light from the full set or choose your favorite colour to start off with.
Choose from Active RED, Vital [...]

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Aug 072011
Opticolour PC/TV Glasses from Esogetics

Amazing new glasses from Esogetics for work and play are now available in the UK!
Do you work at your computer a lot?
Do you and your children watch TV?
Are you concerned about artificial light radiation which could be harmful for you and your family?
Protect yourself and your loved once from excessive blue light and enjoy your modern technology as you please … discover a new product from Esogetics – PC/TV glasses – approved for use by the International Mandel Institute.
optiCOLOR PC/TV Glasses are available as complete [...]

Jun 152011
A new Crystal Ball in Light Green

The CRYSTAL BALL for Colourpuncture light therapy is avaliable again in a new and much better version! This is a great news from Esogetics for many of our customers and therapists who are waiting for the Crystal ball for a long time.

The product has been proved and released by the International Mandel Institute
The glas rod and the crystal part are now permanently connected and therefore there is no risk of dis-connection
LIGHT GREEN is the color which is used most frequently for Colourpuncture applications with Crystal Ball
Your investment is 159,00 Euros
Time [...]