Esogetic Holistic Medicine


What is Esogetic Holistic Medicine?

Esogetic Holistic Medicine according to Peter Mandel is a self-contained complementary healing system, which originated from new ways of thinking and associating. Its unique information/energy diagnostics create the base for entirely new approaches to natural health therapy.  Esogetic Medicine is the result of empirical research by its founder  Peter Mandel and the integration of the most prominent insights from energy healing, science and philosophy.  Peter Mandel has always been intrigued by the possibility of the translation of these important insights into developing of the futuristic, accurate information and energy evaluation diagnostic system and, consequently, modern integrated energy therapy. He is now recognized worldwide for creating the Esogetic Holistic Medicine system which has a very special place among modern integrative holistic therapies.

What is Esogetic Holistic Medicine based on?

The development of the  Energy Emission Analysis (EEA), by Peter Mandel has been trailblazing. Energy Emission Analysis has been created by enriching, developing and perfecting the Kirlian photography phenomena. With utmost diligence – more than 5 million pictures have been analyzed to date -  Peter Mandel has researched the radiation phenomena visible on the photographic paper and related them to clinically manifest complaints of his patients which led to gaining incredible and previously impossible insights into the human energy field.

Body, mind and spirit became tangible. Whilst  Energy Emission Analysis is not a substitute for proper clinical testing with a licensed medical practitioner, it provides a detailed informational and energetic diagnosis that can shed light on the background and causal chain related to a patient’s present complaint situation and sometimes appropriate clinical tests might well be necessary. The beauty of  Esogetic Medicine is that the found causal chain may then be holistically – and custom-designedly – treated with a range of appropriate holistic therapies developed by Peter Mandel.

How can you benefit from learning Esogetic Holistic Medicine?

• A unique visual differential screening of Esogetic Medicine enables you to delineate the influences and effects of matter (body), energy (soul) and information (spirit). As a result you will have the whole causal chain which led to the present condition of your patient, in front of your eyes in the form of your patient’s individual chronology!

• More than 200 innovative and futuristic therapeutic systems and holistic treatment modalities will enable you to break through very subtle and individual modes of operation, catalyzing a lasting change of the patient’s structure on all three levels – and thus supporting the natural healing process of the body.

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  1. To read more on Esogetic Medicine please refer to the books: ‘Colour me healing’ and ‘Esogetics: ‘The sense and non-sense of sickness and pain’ by Peter Mandel or visit and

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