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Experience The Disk of Light (Dream Disc) and The Disk of the Heart (Love disc)

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  • The disc of Light (Dream disc)
  • The disc of the Heart (Love disc)

The Disk of Light (Dream disk) and the Disk of the Heart (Love disk)

The research around the amorphous crystals, which have been patterned and cut according to Peter Mandel’s ideas by the Swarovski company, has been conducted and recognized worldwide. All therapeutic media of Esogetic Holistic Medicine are based on the premise that an opposing symmetrical structure generates interference. The application of crystalline structures to the human skin promotes such interferences.

The development of the therapeutic disks – Disk of Light (Dream disk) and Disk of the Heart ( Love disk) according to Peter Mandel – has been oriented along the lines of these insights, yet they have a different theoretical foundation.

The Disk of Light (Dream disk)

The Disk of Light contains an inner area, which is overlaid with the ancient symbol of the pentagram, containing outer (male) and inner pentagrams (female). Both pentagrams are embedded in the ‘earth hologram’ of Esogetic Holistic Medicine. On the other level of the Disc of Light (Dream disc) the four elements through four crystals in the colors crimson (element fire), light green (element earth), turquoise (element air) and rose (element water) are represented.

The outer band symbolizes the twelve dimensions or the twelve astrological symbols (signs of the zodiac) and any other symbols that are connected to the number twelve. All these aspects are contained within a circle, a symbol for the “whole”.

Peter Mandel united several important traditional symbols within the Disk of Light (Dream disc), related to wholeness, healing and harmony. Dream disc facilitates the dreams that can be remembered and targeted. Dream disc is also used for alleviating and resolving of pain by certain ways of positioning the disc directly over the painful area.

The Disk of the Heart (Love disk)

The importance of the Disk of the Heart is supra-ordinate to the Disk of Light. Peter Mandel considers this disk as belonging to the category of “mind (spirit)-consciousness”.

The application of the Disk of the Heart (Love disc) gently but deeply touches human subconscious. Reactions to this therapy such as sense of inner calm and peace, but also their opposites (which tend to be transient and resolve by themselves) are quite frequent. The Disk of the Heart can deeply harmonize a human being on the levels of body, mind and spirit. This effect of Love disc makes it easier for other therapeutic measures to take effect and people connect with their inner being, come into their ‘center’, better and quicker.

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