Jan 092013

Happy New Year 2013 and welcome back to Colourpuncture light therapy, Crystal therapy and Dream therapy trainings and workshops from the International Mandel Institute!

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The Colourpuncture Institute UK training program 2013 includes our regular trainings such as Non-professional and Professional Colourpuncture and Colour Reflexology courses, Crystal therapy, Dream therapy and CPD (continuous professional development) workshops in Colourpuncture as well as new trainings such as Induction therapy and Advanced Dream therapy for Professional Colourpuncture graduates and new series of problem-solving Colourpuncture short workshops which target a particular problem (headache, allergy, insomnia etc).

In 2013 there also be an opportunity to take a Colourpuncture exam and join our Professional Colourpuncture Intensive group of students. Join us now for amazing new experience with Colourpuncture!

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