Mr Juergen Geiger, the Managing Director of Esogetics GmbH, presents the products for clinical and general use:

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Colourpuncture light therapy

Induction Holistic therapy

Crystal therapy

Colour Sound Therapy (tape)

Colour Sound Therapy (CD)



Opti-Colour Light Therapy Glasses


Price List


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  1. Hi.
    I live in Brazil, and have friends in UK. I would like to buy some Esogetics Oil, since I don´t find it in Brazil.
    My question is: May I buy through international credit card and ask to deliver to my friend Office in London, Holborn Avenue? The office name is Genesis Oil and Gas.

    She is coming to Brazil and coul bring it to me.
    And I didn´t find this oil in your product list. My intention is to buy 4 bottles of 20 ml. Would like to know the price.

    Thanks for your attention,
    Eva Barsi

    • Dear Eva,
      Thank you for your interest in Esogetic products. Yes, it is possible to order Esogetic Oil with us. Here’s a link to Esogetic Oil for more information:
      We accept PayPal so you can use your credit card with it and we can send your order to London address, no problem. The price for a bottle of Esogetic Oil is £15.50. We also offer a 10% discount if you buy 5 bottles of Esogetic Oil (or any other Esogetic Wellness products such as Energy Reflector Oil, Esogetic tea etc, in any combination). For example, if you buy 5 bottles of Esogetic Oil then the price of individual bottle will come to £13.95.
      However, there is also an Esogetic organization in Brazil so you might order through them.
      Hope it helps and please let us know how we can assist you best.
      Kind regards,

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