Colour Sound therapy (tape)


Esogetic Colour Sound Therapies offer you a way of gentle healing influencing the patterns of your individual’s energetic flow through the patterns of musical vibrations. The Colour Sound Therapies are sound analogs of the frequencies used in Colourpuncture and help to stabilize and support your body and brain functions.

Length of a cassette ca. 40 minutes

Psychosomatic Balance (Order no. 8030)
A. Audio-energetic harmonization of the brain functions
B. Audio-energetic healing impulses

Back pain (Order no. 8031) German text
A. 15 gymnastic exercises for the spine
B. Strengthening of the energetic forces to counteract back pain

Headaches/ Migraine (Order no. 8032)
A. Audio–energetic harmonization to release spasms
B. Audio–energetic balance
Strengthening of the Body’s Immune System (Order no. 8034)
A. Strengthening of the immune system
B. Stabilization

Concentration (Order no. 8035)
A. Strengthening of the concentration ability
B. Stabilization

Motivation (Order no. 8036)
A. Learning – understanding – comprehension
B. Discrimination – recognition – decision

Investment for each cassette 18,50 € VAT incl.

Wholeness, set of 3 (Order no. 8040)
The program has been designed to activate and optimize your brain and body functions. Only available as a set of three:
Cassette 1:
A. Perception and consciousness
B. Sensibility
Cassette 2:
A. Activation of cellular communication
B. Elimination and detoxification
Cassette 3:
A. Feeling and intuition
B. Sensitivity

Investment for each cassette            18,50 € VAT incl.

Soundscapes of Esogetic Colour Sound Therapy

This series of nine tapes has been developed according to exact mathematical and therapeutic parameters. It helps to resolve your subconscious mostly not yet manifest problems and stresses. The soundscapes are a step-by-step non-verbal regression towards your original, natural and therefore functioning state. They should be listened to in the given sequence, because they build on each other.

Each cassette lasts about 40 minutes.

No. 1 : Balance (Order no. 8051)
It improves the ability to accept life as an eternally changing process. Balance results and the old can be let go of while the new is invited.

No. 2: Regeneration (Order no. 8052)
This soundscape supports and strengthens all mental processes which have to do with regeneration, restoration and reorientation. It can also facilitate physical rejuvenation.

No. 3: Self-Confidence (Order no. 8053)
The pursuit of happiness, contentment and harmony are anchored as a “basic principle” in every human being. The cassette supports this goal by directing us towards our essential core.

No. 4: Vitality (Order no. 8054)
The sound sequences of this soundscape assist us in accessing new insights and developing the strength to actualize them.

No. 5: Self – Knowledge (Order no. 8055)
This cassette gradually increases the awareness of inner powers and the ability to recognize that we are more than the sum total of our body functions.

No. 6: Change (Order no. 8056)
The task of this soundscape is to generate the absolutely necessary free and continuous flow of energy through all systems of our body – soul – spirit entity.

No. 7: Reorientation (Order no. 8057)
This has to do with the recognition of one’s personal life purpose. The soundscape provides the opportunity to overcome melancholy and resignation and pursue the paths that lead to one’s goal.

No. 8: Harmony (Order no. 8058)
The content of this cassette is the theme of “What I have started, I will successfully finish”. It supports us in reaching our life goal and to lead a conscious, healthy and harmonious life.

No. 9: Completion (Order no. 8059)
This soundscape is an extraction of the previous eight cassettes and processes the entire range of themes into a more “compacted” version.

Conflict Resolution Colour Sound therapy (set of 4)

This series of tapes is based on the conflict resolution therapy of Colourpuncture. Gentle regulatory impulses directly affect the blockages and carefully lead towards their dissolution. “Conflict resolution” is an instrument for treatment, as well as your lifelong supportive companion – a perfect tool of overcoming difficult situations in your life and recognizing and resolving old, disease inducing patterns. Only available as a set of four.

Duration per cassette ca. 40 minutes.

The different titles of the Conflict Resolution are self-explanatory:
Cone of memory
Resolution of blockages
Letting go
Energy increase

Order no. 8100   

Investment   66,- € VAT incl.

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  1. some cassettes correspond to CDs, like migraine or concentration. and the other cassettes are being ”translated” in CD or it is better to buy the cassettes to complete the service to my clients? thanks

    • Hi Daniela,
      Thank you for your question. All sound therapies by Peter Mandel which used to be on cassettes (tapes) are now available on CDs and the quality is absolutely the same so it is better to buy CDs as modern sound equipment is moving from cassettes format.

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