Perlux F-333 Colourpuncture set for surface treatement



The Colourpuncture Set Perlux F-333 is a light pen for simple surface treatment  in your office, at home and on the road.

Perlux F-333 set consists of a grid independent colour surface light pen and seven lenses (red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue and violet). The light set comes with user’s manual in a practical box.

  • Weight: 0.35 KG
  • Order no. 2100
  • Investment 259,- € VAT incl. plus shipping

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  2 Responses to “Perlux F-333 Colourpuncture set for surface treatement”

  1. Good morning, I have recently had colour therapy treatment and am interested in purchasing your product F-333. Are you able to advise where I might be able to obtain this product in Australia, and a the cost in A$. I live on the NSW Central Coast.

    Your advise would be most welcome as I found the treatment very beneficial and would like to train and continue to use this modality.

    Many thanks and regards, Mary Phelan

    • Dear Mary,
      Congratulations on discovering Colourpuncture and thank you for your questions and interest in Colourpuncture light therapy products.
      Please see a list of countries where you can order Esogetic products here:
      We don’t personally know anyone from Australia who can help you with ordering Esogetic products; the next nearest option will be New Zealand as Esogetics branch is active there.
      We are based in the UK and also ship the products to other countries; you are welcome to come back to us for a quote in Australian $ should you need to. You are also very welcome to contact us again if you need any other advice.
      We wish you all the best with Colourpuncture light therapy as it is indeed a highly beneficial therapeutic modality.
      Kind regards,

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