Element Facetted Crystals


Element crystals in soul-spirit colours for esogetic crystal therapy


Element Facetted Crystals  are designed for stimulation of the self-healing properties and deep relaxation through the use of reflex zones on the body.

Everything that exists in this dimension derives from the four elements, including human life. They are incessantly active inside of us and we find ourselves constantly in the middle of the permanent tension that these elements generate.

The following assignments apply for the four elements:

The Fire Element             Crimson
The Earth Element                    Light Green
The Air Element                                   Turquoise
The Water Element                                               Rose

Set of four with the Element Facetted Crystals (crimson, light green, turquoise, rose):

Order no. 1811

Investment     279,- € VAT incl.

Fire-Earth-Air-Water elements crystals in soul-spirit colours can also be ordered separately. Element Facetted Crystal (crimson, rose, light green and turquoise) each in a box:

Light Turquoise (Order number: 1803) Your investment: 75 euros including VAT

Light Green (Order number: 1804) Your inverstment: 75 euros including VAT

Crimson (Order number: 1805) Your inverstment: 75 euros including VAT

Rose (Order number: 1806) Your inverstment: 75 euros including VAT

N.B.  If you have and still use Element Crystals from former production you might noticed a difference in colour between your existing crystals and the crystals from the latest version. Peter Mandel has been personally involved into defining of the colours and he emphasizes and confirms that all the crystals could be used together.

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