Set of Love



Set of Love

The Set of Love, a fresh addition to Esogetic Crystal Therapy, is an exciting new product from Peter Mandel, specially designed to enhance  affection, kind-heartedness, devotion and love. These, best of human feelings are anchored deep within our hearts and are always there but can easily get damaged by everyday stress, aggression or simply buried under layers of fear, depression or indecisiveness.

The Set of Love includes:
Disk of the Heart, „Love“ essential oil, informational brochures and application instructions.

In the LOVE – LIGHT – LIFE Peter Mandel found the same significance as “SPIRIT – SOUL – BODY” or

The disc of heart will help you and your loved ones to move towards feeling whole and unique, in peace with yourself and the world. It will help to sense a wonderful deep inner quality of “the gathering of one’s thoughts” and your heart will become a shining sourse of Unconditional Love.

An investment for a Set of Love  is 114 Euros. The instructions for the set are also available in Italian and German.

Best.-Nr. 1961 Set of Love (German) 114,00 € incl. VAT
Best.-Nr. 1962 Set of Love (English) 114,00 € incl. VAT
Best.-Nr. 1963 Set of Love (Italian) 114,00 € incl. VAT

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