Energy Emission Analysis bio scan



EEA bioscan (Original device according to Peter Mandel)
EEA (Energy Emission Analysis) bio scan is a high resolution instrument to produce Kirlian pictures for evaluation according to the original Energy Emission Analysis topography.

Accessories: Developer – Eukobrom 1l

Accessories: Fixer – Superfix 1l

Accessories: Photo Paper – Special EEA
Photo Paper – 250 sheets

Order no. 3030 189,50 € VAT incl.
Order no. 3072 14,80 € VAT incl.
Order no. 3060 14,80 € VAT incl.
Order no. 3100 (230V) 8449,- € VAT incl.
Order no. 3110 (110V) 8449,- € VAT incl.
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