Information about Energy Emission Analysis Bio Scan

EEA bioscan (Original device according to Peter Mandel)The emissions of the fingertips and toes are made visible in a high frequency field. Only the high level Kirlian pictures can be used for the evaluation according to Energy Emission Analysis. The interpretation and analysis are conducted according to Peter Mandel’s EEA topography.

Technical data:
Electrical current:

220 V/50 Hz or 110 V/50 Hz
Load: 300 VA
Fuse: 2A high voltage: Upper
photoelectrode “hand” ca. 16kV,
lower photoelectrode
“foot” ca. 24 kV
Dimensions (w x h x d):
35 x 90 x 35 cm
Weight: ca 13 kg

110V: Order no. 3110 8.449,- € VAT incl.
230V: Order no. 3110 8.449,- € VAT incl.

Accessories: Developer – Eukobrom 1l

Order no. 3060 14,80 € VAT incl.

Accessories: Fixer – Superfix 1l

Order no. 3072 14,80 € VAT incl.

Accessories: Photo Paper – Special EEA
Photo Paper – 250 sheets

Order no. 3030 189,50 € VAT incl.
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