Irina Kotlar


Irina Kotlar Dr Irina Kotlar has previous background in biological research (1989-2005), Colour Light Therapy (2003-2008), Iridology (since 2003) and Metamorphic Technique (since 2006). She has also been teaching Colourpuncture light therapy in the UK since 2006.

PhD in Biology; Diploma in Esogetic Colorpuncture, Diploma in Iridology, Energy Emission Analysis. Other therapies: Advanced Colorpuncture, Colour Reflexology, Crystal therapy, Transmitter Relays, Metamorphic Technique.

General Qualifications: BSc in Biology; PhD in Biophysics/Neuroscience

Esogetic Medicine qualifications: Diploma in Esogetic Colorpuncture, Diploma in Iridology, Energy Emission Analysis (Kirlian Photography) certification.

Advanced Colorpuncture therapies: Colorpuncture light therapy of Addictions,  Karma and Hara therapy; Burn-out syndrome therapy, therapy of BoundariesTransmitter Relays.

                                                                                              Other therapies: Crystal therapy (with the Tree of Life), Dream therapy, Metamorphic Technique.

Kirlian Camera in Practice: Yes, please check availability at different venues

Practice:  Cheshire, London, Manchester

Phone: 0161 6101894 or 07779009643



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  3 Responses to “Irina Kotlar”

  1. I have been trained by Peter Madell Institue on Esotic medicne and Kirian Photgraphy.
    I practise this therayy in Singapore together with my other therpaies.
    Anyway we can link up> I am coming to UK on 19 Oct and will be there to 26 oct.
    I would also like to introduce my friends in UK to Esogetic medicine and to you and the Colourpuncture Institue
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  2. i think that kirlian photography is kind of nice and somehow great in my opinion.`

    • Kirlian photography is great, I agree. Your Kirlian picture and Energy Emission Analysis allow you to see clearly the aspects of yourself you never knew you had. Kirlian photo is your revealing photo indeed.

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