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Affiliate program of Colourpuncture Institute UK

There are 3 levels of membership with Colourpuncture Institute UK. An entry option, Bronze membership, is open for everyone (please see terms and conditions below). Silver membership is open to graduates of Professional Colourpuncture training. There will be an opportunity to progress to Gold membership which is an invitation-only.

a.   Bronze Membership terms and conditions

b. Silver membership terms and conditions

Application Form Bronze Membership

Application form for Silver membership

Please e-mail us on if you have any questions on memberships.

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  2 Responses to “Work with us”

  1. Hello, I would like to join the Bronze membership…

    I also wondered if I have missed any newsletters I hadn’t realised that you were running courses in Manchester in October, but then I saw that you had posted the notice on the 29th September, so it looks like that you are as busy as I am.

    Many regards, Barbara
    P.S. The kirlian pictures I am now taking on my small machine that I showed to Evgeni are very interesting. and many thanks for the session I had that day. BG

    • Dear Barbara,

      You are very welcome to join Colourpuncture Institute Bronze membership. Please click on highlighted links on this page to read Terms and Conditions and download an Application form. Please fill out, sign and post your Application Form to us. Your membership will become active from the day we received your application. We are looking forward to welcoming you as a new member of Colourpuncture Institute UK.

      Our newsletter is currently bi-annual this is why you didn’t receive the one with 2012 training program. To avoid missing out on any news you might wish to subscribe to our RSS feeder (orange button ‘Site RSS feed’ on the page

      Many thanks for your ongoing interest in Energy Emission Analysis – Kirlian Photography – and Colourpuncture light therapy.

      Kind regards,

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